Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04

Just thought I'd make a quickie here about Ubuntu 10.04 (

I have to say I'm mighty impressed as to how far the development has reached regarding this distribution. I mean, 9.04 was pretty OK and 9.10 seemed pretty much an updated version but 10.04 is really really getting that "final touch" to it.

Last year when I tried 9.04 I only lasted two weeks at the most before switching back to Windows Vista. And after trying Windows 7 in October (which I went to after a short spell of 9.10) I really never thought I'd switch again because Windows 7 was SO much better than 9.10. But I have to say that this new release is really amazing.

It's got that nice user interface thing going for it, you know the whole "first impression" thing is completely covered compared to other releases. And the gap between Windows only software and software that works on Linux has gotten much smaller meaning you hardly notice the inconvenience. Sure there's that odd Windows Live messenger not working fully or whatever, but beside that most things "just works".

Kudos Mark Shuttleworth. I admire your efforts and I sincerely hope you continue in this path of trying to get Ubuntu OS right into that mainstream PC usage.

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