Saturday, August 28, 2010


It seems that there has been an extremely vivid trend moving towards the disbandment of personal freedom in favor of corporatism.

I remember 4 years ago, just after the elections in Sweden, how laws were being drawn up to limit the individual rights on the internet. Sweden used to be one of the few countries in the 1st world where you could use and do pretty much anything on the internet. This changed obviously. Starting with the ban on downloading copyrighted material (yes it used to be legal to DOWNLOAD whatever you wanted from the internet, but sharing it was illegal) and now we've reached a phase were all communications are simply monitored by the FRA (Försvarets Radio Anstalt).

It's all messed up. But in light of things, I came to think about Facebook, Microsoft and proprietary software.

It's scary, but it's becoming more and more evident that companies and lobbyists are trying to corner the freedoms of the individual in all aspects within the IT world, in a way to simply spy on the end-user and their habits.

The endless debates regarding facebook's privacy EULA, the continuous class-act lawsuits against Microsoft. Maybe it's time to start advocating a move away from proprietary services from companies who wish to spy on you?

Maybe we should, as consumers, act on this to preserve the integrity and the freedom of the internet by discontinuing the use of Windows and Windows Live Messenger and Facebook on behalf of more free software choices.

Ubuntu Linux, XMPP protocol with Jabber for instant messaging and perhaps the new Diaspora social-networking site?

All I know is that I'm going to spend some more time contemplating, and preparing for a move away from WLM, Facebook and Windows.
I value my freedom more than some replaceable services.

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