Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Happy new year everyone!!!

2010 has been a long and painful year, but also a year filled with experiences that have changed me as a person. Like all the years in ones life, it was filled with joyous occasions as well as painful ones. But all in all, I can happily rid the old and embrace the new.

Many people all over the world will have their new years resolutions set. And I shall be no exception. This year I have 3 resolutions, 2 of which I will focus extremely hard on whereas the 3rd will be kept if the first 2 are met. My first resolution is to make 2011 MY year. What do I mean by that? Well for the past 7 years, I've been living life in a bad way. Bad in the sense that it has not been under my own circumstances nor demands. I have continuously adapted my life after the surrounding rather than the other way around. This year I will stop with that. My first resolution is to grab the new year by it's horns and make it my year.

My second resolution is to take better care of myself. This means living a healthier life. I already started during the summer and I will continue to do so. I only live once, but it doesn't mean that life should end at 30. :P

So what do I expect from this 2011 then? Well first of all, hopefully not the same mess I had with 2010 haha. One thing I do know, and that is that it will be a successful year. In 1 year's time from now, I will write another post similar like this, telling you off how I succeeded with this. Because believe me I will.

2011 is the year of the Buzz. It's my year. And should the world end in 2012, I can at least die knowing 2011 was awesome!! :D

Now, let me reiterate a few eloquent words shared by Nike back in the day with a video to go with it;
"Everything you need, is already inside."

Happy new year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday, Language class and financial chaos!

Well well, let me start off by giving myself a pad on my shoulder again for turning 23.

I'm born at 11.20am on 11th December 1987. Crazy road to where I am now! But anyways, the weekend was packed with parties and a lot of contemplating hours.

I was spending a vigorous amount of my time trying to ask and answer some simple questions in my head. I mean there were things I said I would do, especially projects that I would undertake, that I've completely neglected to take care of. And I always seem to have some kind of excuse to avoid diving in.

So anyway, here comes one of the projects official announcement;
I'm starting a Swedish language class for anyone who wishes to learn.
At first the spots will be limited, as will the course material (which I will prepare myself on the go, or perhaps purchase something useful).

I know some people have shown interest in moving to Sweden once we're done here. And well, if I can help in any way I should!

More info about this will be posted later. As of now, I haven't really figured out exactly WHEN to start with the classes, but I figure I'll wait until after the Xmas period and the exams. So expect something probably in february?

You know where to find me!!

I forgot to mention I'm going home on friday. Can't wait!!!!! It's going to be LEGENDARY!!!

Au revoir!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sanna Nerstrand och mänsklighetens hopp

Jag läste en artikel idag på Aftonbladet med tillhörande reportage klipp där man får höra berättelsen om en hjältinna som var villig att riskera sitt eget liv för att rädda två små barn. Jag blev så pass tagen av reportaget att jag kände att jag var tvungen att nämna hennes namn i ett inlägg här, för att uppmärksamma alla om vilken underbar bedrift hon åstadkommit.

Sanna Nerstrand, var ute och solade med sin kusin och sin mamma när hon plötsligt hörde lite skrik och sen såg en tom gummibåt. Vid närmre titt så såg hon att det låg två barn i vattnet som inte kunde simma. Utan att tveka, slängde hon sig ner i vattnet och simmade mot barnen, som vid det här laget låg under ytan. Hon såg inte barnen längre, utan chansade lite på känsla över vart hon tyckte sig såg barnen sist och simmade dit och sen dök ner i djupet för att försöka hitta dom.

Och efter andra dykningen så såg hon två figurer, som sedan klarnade till två barn som låg i vattnet och höll om varandra. Hon tog tag i dom samtidigt som barnen kramade om henne hårt under vattnet, innan hon simmade upp till ytan och sen mot land.

Ibland befinner man sig i lite sämre stunder, man kanske är omgiven av en negativ energi och känner sig nedstämd, och så läser man något som Sanna Nerstrand lyckats med. Man blir helt enkelt varm inombords av att veta att det finns människor som hon ute i världen.

Jag önskar dig all lycka i världen Sanna, och jag vet att barnen du räddat kommer att vara dig evigt tacksamma.

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