Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday, Language class and financial chaos!

Well well, let me start off by giving myself a pad on my shoulder again for turning 23.

I'm born at 11.20am on 11th December 1987. Crazy road to where I am now! But anyways, the weekend was packed with parties and a lot of contemplating hours.

I was spending a vigorous amount of my time trying to ask and answer some simple questions in my head. I mean there were things I said I would do, especially projects that I would undertake, that I've completely neglected to take care of. And I always seem to have some kind of excuse to avoid diving in.

So anyway, here comes one of the projects official announcement;
I'm starting a Swedish language class for anyone who wishes to learn.
At first the spots will be limited, as will the course material (which I will prepare myself on the go, or perhaps purchase something useful).

I know some people have shown interest in moving to Sweden once we're done here. And well, if I can help in any way I should!

More info about this will be posted later. As of now, I haven't really figured out exactly WHEN to start with the classes, but I figure I'll wait until after the Xmas period and the exams. So expect something probably in february?

You know where to find me!!

I forgot to mention I'm going home on friday. Can't wait!!!!! It's going to be LEGENDARY!!!

Au revoir!

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