Saturday, January 8, 2011

At Worlds End

I woke up this morning feeling extra sad. Why? Well I'm leaving Sweden tomorrow afternoon to return to a reality I seriously do not want to face. I'm going back to the Czech Republic and well, on the Tuesday I've got a Pharmacology credit, which I still have not studied for. On the thursday I most likely need to give a neurology presentation and as soon as that week ends the exam period starts. With 3 exams, I have not studied for either.

I mean sure, I did prepare myself somewhat for Stomatology before the break but I've probably forgotten most of it. Then there's Propedeutics of Surgery which hopefully isn't that bad.. but what really worries me is the Pharmacology final. It's supposedly quite immense. And well, I'll be forced to study that so hardcore so that I can get rid of it before the next semester starts. Add to all of this, the fact that I'll be BACK in that godforsaken place.

It's really very depressing. I'd say that 5 years ago I was pretty discontent with my life in Sweden and I couldn't wait to get out of here. Now, it's the complete opposite. I know I should have studied and done some work when I was home over the xmas holidays but I simply couldn't. I mean, I havent been "home" for a whole year. And last year was pretty harsh on me, I'd say that from mid April onwards, (pretty much until 17th of December when I arrived in Sweden) I was in a huge depression.
Moving houses, uni stress, and just being away from home and civilization took its toll on me.

But ah well, I guess I need to start with the "mantras" now so that I don't collapse into another shitty state when I get back. But as I said before, this year I'm not going to let myself get overwhelmed by the hardship over there. I'm going to embrace things with a better attitude, or at least try to, and hopefully at the end of the next semester I'll have a greater shot at a summer vacation.

On a lighter side of things, this trip allowed me the chance of rekindling with one of my oldest friends. A person whom I've been friends with since I was.. hmm... probably 5 years old. He was my neighbor back then, and he still is!! It's been really fun to hang out with him again like we used to. Going around shopping, eating out, or just messing around. It really made my stay here very enjoyable. We even managed to set out some goals for some epic journeys. First off he's probably coming to visit me as soon as things quite down over there. And then, I FINALLY found a companion for my epic-winter-survival-in-the-mountains-for-a-week journey in northern Sweden. I pitched the idea to him, and well, being like-minded he immediately took a liking to it!

So that's that.
Anyways, time to go shopping for some snus haha!
Toodlez and au revoir Sweden!

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