Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Avoid the doctors at (almost) all cost!

I've recently been targeted with the seasonal sickness that spreads and thrives during this time of the year. And yes, I feel like a living zombie - not being capable of doing anything constructive.

But what bears to mind is something a tad more interesting than my personal disarray.
I'm a medical student, meaning some day I'll be a doctor. But at the same time I take on the challenge with some reservations. I think it's important to stress the fact that generally speaking, humans were "healthier" back in the day compared to how we fair today.

Now before you start off ranting about how a simple flu or strep throat ravaged lives, please bear in mind that I'm referring to the days of modest antibiotic treatments, and how reserved we (medical community) were in prescribing them to patients. Most people just had the common cold come and go without any real use of drugs. I mean sure, they might have been KO'd for a week or so, but it would pass. In fact, in most cases I dare to say we were more resistant to some forms of common colds.

But then... the "quick-fix" mentality sprung and we started prescribing and taking drugs and pills for a quick fix for everything. And look at the aftermath now, we are actively making sure that evolution kicks in at a higher rate within bacteria and virii thus making our "cures" useless. This is quite alarming, because even TODAY there are scenarios where contemporary treatment is lacking simply due to resistance developed by the infectants. Of course this also leads to us being forced to apply more aggressive treatment plans which in fact are TOXIC to your body.

And for the love of god, get over the "OMG I GOTTA GET A FLU-SHOT"-craze. Every year there are thousands of people all over the world who die from the flu. It doesn't matter which type of the flu, all of them are just as lethal/non-lethal. It all depends on your current conditions. Some people share risk factors that upon infection can cause death. Most healthy normal people don't.

So if you're 15-55, healthy and with no underlying conditions (such as previous heart failures, etc etc) then don't worry. Avoid the sick people, if you get the flu then just "rest it out" and let your immune system do what it's supposed to do.
After all, there's a reason we HAVE an immune system to begin with, right? :)

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