Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The bourgeoisie enemy.

I have spent a few days reminding myself about the political struggle which I, both as part of the working class but also as a person, take part in. I think it's very important to constantly remind yourself of your "place" in the world so to speak.
It's important to utilize our powers of observation so that we can correctly move according to the political struggle (read class struggle) in which we are in the midst of.

"WTF are you talking about?" you might wonder. Well, we are all members of our respective classes in society. Needless to say that the majority of us are represented in the working class whereas a tiny minority, in comparison, is placed under the bourgeois banner. The roles we play, inherently determine the status quo of the capitalist economy, and in turn the world.

I know people preach that politics should not interfere with personal relations, but I do dare to say that it very much does so indeed. A capitalist sees not in him to care for your demise, because should he do so he would ruin himself. Meaning he wouldn't be a good capitalist to begin with, right?
So if this person is so blatantly out to harm you, dry out every penny out of you, make you endure slave labor to sustain your petty life which itself is perpetuated by the advertisements made by said person's products. Why do you not see him as an enemy?

He is not the enemy in the traditional samurai-sense of things, but rather the kind of enemy who silently bleeds you out without you so much as suspecting it.

Personally, I'm not into the whole alienating myself from others thing. But I do make a very distinct understanding of who the enemy is. And I never fool myself into forgetting that a capitalist is my enemy, and will be so regardless of how nice or awful he is. A person like that can never be considered a true friend of mine, regardless of how much this person claims to "care" for me. Because the very nature of the system he so profoundly supports is based upon the very principle of him harming me.

So I say nay. To me, you are nothing but despots clinging on to a broken system which will be replaced, just as how the industrial revolutions of the world spawned the proletariat and the bourgeois toppled the feudal lords, and one day democracy shall truly win and the world will belong to the working class. It's either that, or the death of us all. And since the capitalists don't care about others but their own profit, we better wake up soon to realize who our enemy truly is or we're all doomed.

The enemy is not some "insurgent" or random fanatic in the Middle-East, nor is it some fanatic Jesuit from the US. It's the bourgeois mass murderer who is sucking our planet dry for their profit. The leeching parasites who stuck themselves onto others slowly, slowly, slowly tapping off their life energy.

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